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Festive TA1LS_ Jul 14 @ 7:16pm
Chapter 6: The Fall
What's your favorite part of Chapter 6: The Fall? Please let me know! 2
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☆InfinitY ∞ NighT☆ Jul 15 @ 7:08am 
Repulsion Gel Test!!!
Festive TA1LS_ Jul 15 @ 9:13am 
I love the falling part of The Fall! It's makes me chuclke! XD! 2
snivy Jul 15 @ 1:52pm 
"oh hi. So how are you holding up? Because I'M a potato!"

And there you have my favorite part of chapter 6
Festive TA1LS_ Jul 15 @ 3:03pm 
Same one as me! It makes me chuckle! XD
Wyatt Anderson Jul 17 @ 5:21pm 
Propulsion gel
Mister G. Jul 17 @ 7:39pm 
The Half Life borilias easter egg
Festive TA1LS_ Jul 19 @ 9:55am 
Neit Jul 19 @ 12:52pm 
Either the music playing in old Aperture, or Cave Johnsons pre-recorded messages, I like the chapter as a whole. I think it's greatest part of the P2, well maybe except the final battle.
Festive TA1LS_ Jul 19 @ 1:08pm 
yeah, same.
Ericrct Jul 19 @ 2:07pm 
Chapter 6 is the most boring chapter IMO. Chapter 7 was less boring, but still pretty bad. I was so relived when I made it back up to the main area.
Festive TA1LS_ Jul 19 @ 2:13pm 
Not ture, The first part of the fall is funny.
Festive TA1LS_ Jul 19 @ 2:40pm 
Sorry, forgot IMO means In My Opinon.
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Mister G. Jul 20 @ 12:12pm 
@Neit same also
★YMTS★ TigerStar Jul 21 @ 1:32pm 
The Start
rall7k* komplett Jul 21 @ 1:48pm 
Hehe lol
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