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W4fflem4ncer Jul 4 @ 6:53am
(doesn't have to do with portal, so sorry) Group Recruitment For Encrypted Rebellion
I started a group called Encrypted Rebellion and I'm looking for members. The point of this is it's supposed to be different from most groups because members are supposed to speak mostly in code (likely leet, binary or caesar, but you don't necissarily have to use it all that often).

To join, send a message stating you want to in one of the codes I just mentioned in the parentheses of the sentence former to this one. Doesn't matter really WHAT you say, but just make it clear that it involves joining.

(Also, I don't consider leet a code, but if I want members, I'll need to make it count. Plus, IN A WAY, it's an encryption to most people, because they're too dumb to even read it)
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