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nugs 4 nugs Jul 21, 2014 @ 5:13am
Portal 3? Or Portal 2 Mods.....
Everyone has been asking other people about Portal 3. Well, in fact, portal 3 probably will NEVER BE MADE. What will be made? More Portal 2 Mods. Think about it, we already have around... 4, maybe 5 Portal 2 mods. For example, Portal 2 sixense pack. (Something like that.) Thinking With Time Machine. The new game that'll come out in 2015, Conversion. When you type in Portal 2 in the search box for the store, all types of things will come up, but no Portal 3 demo NOR the actual game. If they're making Portal 3, they'll release the demo probably the first day they start releasing it on the store. So, search these up on Steam and look how they make it. It also looks NOTHING like Portal 3. It would take YEARS for Source to figure out how to make Portal 3. Even though Conversion has a few new testing elements that could be used in Portal 3, Conversion totally looks like the first Portal. BEFORE everything went crazy with Chell. And yeah, honestly, Conversion looks like a WHOLE lot better thanPortal just because of it's storyline. Since it's about this----- What happened after chell's battle with GlaDOS and what happened before Portal 2? That's the question. Could Conversion actually supposed to be Portal 3? No. it would ruin a GREAT franchise of the future. Also, ANY LEVELS THAT PEOPLE MAKE ARE NOT TRUE IF THEY'RE NOT MAKING A HAMMER MAP. SOme hammer-maps can be fake, but some can be real- Mostly the ones from Valve which happens... Not that likely. What WAS made by Valve? A few... Portal 2 maps. Think of some in the comments!!!!! I know 1 but i'll see if you can figure it out :P Portal 3-Nope. Portal 2 mods-YES.
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nugs 4 nugs Jul 21, 2014 @ 6:52am 
Conversion is made by Valve. Mostly source though. They had the rights of making it,
rainy. Jul 21, 2014 @ 7:42am 
Do you even know what Source is?
Source is an engine.
And Valve aren't making Conversion. It's being developed by "TeamConversion" and published by "SignHead Studio".
Wasabi_Thumbs Jul 21, 2014 @ 8:01am 
Come on! Give valve time!
Why we shouldn't be thinking about this

Portal 2: Thinking with Time Machine Mod is bacically Portal 3.

People rip off Portal 3 videos using the sixense pack to trick you. There is even one trailer that says Valve cant count to three and displays a troll face.

People are going to get Half Life 3... When?

Not to mention...
Left4Dead 3
Team Fortress 3
And of course Portal 3 and more.

And if you look at the contents of The Valve Complete Pack there is alot of original versions and versions with a suffix as in a colon (:) then some witty text, and some versions with a Two added at the end. Valve should just NOT add a three to anything. Maybe they could just add some witty text afterwards like Portal 2: The blrefreljgdkv. Valve is the inventor of many good games. Be proud of them! Plus, seriously Valve isnt going to stumble upon this and think one is a great suggestion, Game developers decide. Your thought has no meaning to what they decide what-so-ever. No Offense.
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"${benaryorg}" Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:12pm 
Originally posted by Squirrelman56:
It would take YEARS for Source to figure out how to make Portal 3.

Source -> Engine
Valve -> What you meant
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