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Sydney Sierota Aug 3, 2014 @ 12:11pm
Portal 2 Location Thoery.
I have finally came up with a setting and location for portal 2 that seems most likely.

A poster hidden inside portal 2 (in the trophy room when entering old aperture at the very begginning) says that a business man named Cave Johnson bought some salt mines in upper Michigan for science usage.

There is only one problem...there is no salt mines in upper michigan. The only salt mine to exist in the state of michigan is in the detroit area. I reasearched this mine and found that it is still in operation today and has very extensive tunnels that are far below the city. The stretch from the city to the surrounding suburbs. Now my theory about that article and why it was wrong and why it was even in the trophy hall seems to make sense. Michigans upper peninsula is pretty sparsely populated with a lot of dying towns. The Newspaper could have been trying to get popularity by stating that Cave Johnson was bringing industry to northern michigan. When Cave Johnson stumbled upon the acticle, even though it was false, he though it was funny and a novely and stuck it in the trophy room. Another thing to back this theory up is that when chell comes out of the facility she is in a wheat field. There is no wheat in northern michigan because its too cold. In southern michigan wheat is a staple crop. I have also stumbled upon easter eggs saying that Aperture Science was head quartered out of Cleveland, Ohio. This really doesnt detract from my theory because companies production factories are usually not even close to their headquarters. (Think New York City. Lots of companies are headquartered there, but do you see factories and mines in downtown?) But wait the salt mines are under actual Detroit and not out in the country. There is no wheat fields in Detroit. Wrong. For the past couple decades since detroits decline, the city has been selling pieces of land with abandoned houses on them and giving them to large farm corporations. The farm companies then build farms on them with really high yields. It is strange, but there are really farms in the middle of Detroit! Since signs point that Half Life 1 took place in 2003 and half life 2 took exactly 20 years later in 2023. Portal is supposed to take place at the same time as half life 2 so 2023. At the beginning of portal it says chell has been asleep for 90? days i think. So we can assume a year has passed inbetween the first game. Then she goes back to sleep. She wakes up again to a malfunctioning machine repeating 999999. The room is now dilapitated and decaying. 90 days would be way to short for things to decay like that, and 9000 days she would be surely dead. It is safe to say she most likely was sleeping for 900 days. So my guess is buy the time she gets out of the facility in that corn field the year is 2025, and she is in what once was downtown detroit. Sound Plauseable?
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HBZK100 Aug 3, 2014 @ 2:59pm 
it definantly sounds plauseable. Good resesearch, also a great starting point for portal 3.
Gareth Aug 5, 2014 @ 7:01pm 
Chell was in stasis. People can be in stasis for longer than their life span. That's the whole point of stasis. Other than that, your theory sounds pretty good.
Portal 1 happens within a year of Half-Life 1. "Bring your Daughter to Work Day" happens the very same week as the Resonance Cascade, "the rush to beat Black Mesa for funding"

Already having some sort of teleportation technology, Aperture instead focused on AI to surpass BM. As we all know it failed horribly.
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Tokyoto Sep 18 @ 5:50pm 
Originally posted by Sydney Sierota:
There is only one problem...there is no salt mines in upper michigan.
There are also no human conciousness' in robots, portals that warp space to allow you to move from point A to point B through holes in the fabric of the universe, or puddings that make you move fast.

Suspension of disbelief my guy, you're just reading too much into this.
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