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A little fridge brilliance regarding the Borealis
The borealis drydock is in the old Aperture labs near pump station beta. There are three other cancelled experiments next door to it and one of them is a teleportation experiment that "doesn't work with all skin types".

The borealis had a strong teleporter device on it that rivalled Gordon Freeman's portal ideas stolen from him by Black Mesa. (They used his thesis while he was still a low ranking member of Anolmalous Materials and didn't tell him until the resonance cascade)

According to the plot of Episode 3, this device was activated by surviving Aperture staff (or GLaDOS?) and sent it warping out of reality and to other locations and time periods, one of them being the Arctic after the Combine invaded.

The flashes aren't happening in the drydock by Portal 2 so it could be that the ship and the Combine are permanently gone or at least the former is.

Remember that Barney still had nightmares about a cat that literally got turned inside out when Black Mesa scientists studied similar technology post Seven hour war for the resistance? The same thing was rumoured to have supposed to happen to Dr Kleiner in the beta of Half Life 2, though specifics aren't clear.

What if the portal device on the Borealis was indeed that same teleport experiment just outside the drydock and on top of that, it was the same, if not better albeit more unstable at times than the Black Mesa East/Resistance Xen relay that we see in Half Life 2?

Imagine that.
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