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Gaze73 Jul 30, 2013 @ 5:12am
The game is too random and unbalanced.
Some matches are so stupid, you start with one heavily blocked champion which will take you 4 turns to activate, while the enemy can potentially start with 2 champions, and activate one of them in the first round. It's basically over and you have to waste 10 minutes in an almost unwinnable game. And sometimes, a very even 30 minute match is decided by one lucky/unlucky roll of reinforcements (lol at 14 unfusable core units in late game).

Also, since mana is displayed by a picture instead of numbers, and you don't know how much mana you get for certain moves, it takes away from strategic depth as you can't exactly plan what to do and when, to get your spell ready at the moment you need it the most. Say you're Aidan and you decide to go all in with a wall attack, only to find out you're only at 98/100 mana after 3 possible free moves and one linked attack. Well, tough luck, enemy champion will kill you in the next round, which you would have survived if you opted to defend instead, which you would if you knew you would be 2 mana short.

On another note, I don't like champions being too damn strong, and the best defense being blocking them with your own, as it's faster and easier than making 6 rows of walls just to take 30 dmg anyway. Then it often becomes a war of attrition with one player constantly on the defense, losing all champs, and the second player sending waves of linked 130 dmg champs. Consequently, tier 2 units are almost never used, which is a shame since their utility is interesting, but it doesn't make up for the fact that unless they're fused, they do like 5 dmg.

If they fleshed out these issues, buffed the useless artifacts, and also added Dwarfs, Stronghold and Dark Elves, CoH(2) would be unimaginably awesome. Also, some global stats for every matchup and detailed player stats would be great, too. Too bad we'll probably never have any of this.
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PhamTrinli Aug 7, 2013 @ 9:41am 
There aren't many situations where a good enough player can't turn a seemingly heavily blocked champion unit into a massive combo that greatly benefits him/her. Don't look at the units on top of him as an obstacle, but an opportunity instead.

Elite units have their uses. They are easier to come by and quicker to charge, so you have a much better chance at fusing one than you do with a champion. If you can fuse an Elite which only takes up 1 row, then your opponent will not be able to block the Elite as much as they would with a Champion unit, since a champion unit would be eating twice the number of wall and idle core units on its way to the end zone. There are also specific strategies and situations where elite units are better to have than champions.

There are plenty of ways of defending against attacking champion units IMO. You just have to respond quickly and plan ahead when making your defense. Alternatively, you can choose to threaten your opponent to try to keep them from forming an effective offense.

More factions would be cool, and I agree that some artifacts right now have a clear linear advantage over some others.
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Gaze73 Aug 9, 2013 @ 4:07am 
Elite units might have their uses but they're extremely limited. Seriously, in my last 200 matches I have fought against elites maybe 5 times. And one of the reasons is, again, randomness. For example, I remember wanting to counter the Varkas cheese with Warlocks, but I also took Pit Fiends for some offence. What happened was that I got 4 warlocks and then 1 late fiend so I lost to one 200dmg swordsman anyway. Same thing with Druids, they just don't come when you might actually make use of them, so it's better to just go solo Dragons. Then there's Vampires, what's lifesteal good for when you're usually at full hp, or so low that it doesn't matter anyway? And when they reach the enemy, they deal like 5 dmg. Basically, they should make walls less effective by 25%, and reduce champ units dmg by 25%, so elites would be somewhat viable and champs don't kill you in one linked attack + spell.
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