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TPI | soundcloud.com/ketobbey 2013年2月16日上午3:57
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Thank you all.
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puNDuKE 2013年2月17日上午11:15 
You can it's called Xpadder... if you look around you can dl it for free. It's legit.
The Sun of All Mooose 2013年2月23日下午12:21 
I wonder what it'd be like with one of those 3D SpaceOrb type controllers; you know, with 8 degrees of freedom (or whatever, can't b bothered looking it up)?
swenor 2013年3月1日下午4:41 
引用自 Ketobbey
I have version 5.3 and it only moves the pointer and mouse wheel. So basicly I can role the object like you would with the mouse scroll button and move the pointer... So it does not work with this title... Thank heaps for your idea but it didn't work out. If you have any more ideas just let me know. I am sure there is a way :D
You gotta configure it first.
Vekter 2013年4月18日上午4:19 
Did you try JoyToKey? It also requires some not so obvious set-up to make certain triggers and sticks so I promise it works. Also free.
ʲᶰʸ 2014年3月15日下午7:00 
Shamayne 2014年4月25日上午1:22 
Does someone have a working config for JoytoKey perhaps?
So far I didn't come up with something usable and intuitive. Mouse control isn't really that great although it works, but most of the time I find myself thinking where to grab the object and which button to press to make it turn the way I want instead of just wrapping the stuff up :-)

I never thought bondage would be that complicated at all. Anyway, I am enjoying this title in small doses.
Jhoonaz 2014年10月15日上午5:30 
what the heck xD
i play with mouse and i think its perfect for this game, love it
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