knowthyself2 Oct 8, 2012 @ 7:49am
For flickering anf other graphical issues
Be sure to enable Direct3D. This should solve most of your problems.
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TwoTonGamer Jul 13 @ 5:23pm 
Also, try windowed mode under resolution if you still have trouble with screen flicker.

Edit: Windowed mode did solve screen flicker at the time but I ran into other problems like zoom not functioning w/mousewheel or +/- keys and program not closing properly leading to corrupt game files. The fix for all of the problems I experienced was solved by running the game directly from the AoWSM.exe in my steam folder. I don't know why, but launching the game from Steam seemed to be the cause for me. I can run full screen with the unofficial 1.4 patch and everything seems fine.
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Anmaril Sep 30 @ 11:28pm 
It amazes me every time, someone buys an old game from Steam, which doesn't run fine, and Steam gives no support at all. For DoW:DC the community got support from Relic to solve the issues with the Steam version.
I usually wouldn't write such stuff, but if you like an old game, buy it on gog, they run fine. I've got Riven here and on gog, and only the gog versions runs fine, also AoW:SM runs without a problem. It's ridiculous how many people have issues with it. Steam could create a note on their store for such games, that they usually doesn't support the Steam UI ingame, and also that they are rarely optimized or anything to run properly. Gog does this.
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