Niall Of the Nine Jun 26 @ 5:16pm
What would you call this?
I remember playing a game just like this years ago, and about a year ago i found a very basic one in an app store. I have been thinking of getting Age of Wonders:SM and probably will.
My question is what would be the genre to look into for me to find more like this. i figure it is 4x but it seems like it is the wrong thing to call this.

TTP: what genre(s) does this game belong in that could help someone find more games of this kind.
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lordcooper Jun 26 @ 10:18pm 
It'd help if you told us which aspects in particular you're interested in.
Niall Of the Nine Jun 26 @ 10:31pm 
It looks to me like you control villages/citys/castles, hire leaders/heroes to lead troops you recruit so you can capture other villages/citys/castles.

i assume there may be a way to build your own villages and that your leaders/heroes gain exp to level up causing them to do something better or maybe gain some form of new ability to help them in combat or help you scout other villages/citys/castles all while being turn based.
most of thoes are things i take this may have and are things i want to find more of.
lordcooper Jun 27 @ 12:35pm 
That'd be 4X then. Not all games in the genre are focused around leaders/heroes, but I can suggest a few that are.

Endless Space, Endless Legend, Heroes of Might & Magic, Eador, Total War (debatable), Fallen Enchantress, Disciples.

Crusader Kings 2 is also a fantastic take on tthe genre that is a bit more simulationy than most.
Niall Of the Nine Jun 27 @ 1:31pm 
Thank you.
i thought that 4x would fit, but i never seemed to find more using it as part of my search other than this game.
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PlayerZer0 Sep 17 @ 1:59pm 
Here's a site that specialises in reviewing both fantasy/sci-fi 4x and turn-based strategy games:
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