Rip Jul 3, 2014 @ 10:13pm
Steam version compatible with the old retail version?
I have this game from awhile back and found it again because a friend of mine has recently gotten it from steam. But we cant join each other online because my version of the game is but his version is Does anyone know if i can play with him somehow? I tried looking for a patch to update my game to but cant find one because all the search results brought me to websites asking me if I want to buy the game, which I dont because I have it and dont want to sink another 10$(20$ on some sites) into it. We both got the unofficial 1.4 patch but that didnt help anything because it just adds 1.4 in front of the patch number we already had. So now my version number on the bottom left of the screen looks like
"UPatch 1.4 / Version" and his is "UPatch 1.4 / Version".

Does anyone know where I can get an update or something that will allow us to play together, im not big on online games so I dont really know a whole lot when it comes to this kind of thing.
Im pretty sure we need to have the exact same version of the game to play together but if its something else stopping us from playing together id like to know because Shadow Magic is a God among Strategy games, and sense neither of us can run Age of wonders 3 on our computers Shadow Magic is the best we can do anyways.