whocares916 Mar 27, 2014 @ 4:35am
how easy is this game to learn
is it civ 5 sorts of gameplay or more heros might and magic style
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Roundpixel Mar 27, 2014 @ 3:10pm 
The game is actually more complex than Civ 5. It is easy to play but hard to play well. I have a 225-page Brady guide in addition to the paper manual (came when I bought it years ago in a store - boughjt it again from steam). It would be too long of course to give all the tips, but here are some basics.
1) Examine the abilities of your and enemy units; you don't want to shoot fireballs at enemies with fire resistance.
2) The gameplay strategy is different for different phases of the game; initially you want to churn out enough cheap units, and you want to eventually specialize two cities, one for warfare and one for magic. but you will need top-tier units as the game progresses.
3) Keep your wizard in his tower. Save often, some situations are unforgiving.
4) Finish off enemy units with your hero(s) when possible (only the unit that kills gets experience). But be aware that enemy units will gang up on your hero if they have the chance.
5) Initially play on easy or beginner level to learn the game. Without a manual and guide, you will have to learn the capabilities of units from experience.
6) There are a number of campaigns (done sequentially) and a lot of stand-alone scenarios.

Good luck
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