Muk Dec 1, 2013 @ 3:05am
Black Screen but not freezing.
Whenever I load this game up I get a black screen with no visuals however I still have music playing and when ever Cnt, Alt, Del I see the menu flash open. I have tried Running this in compatiability mode and I have tried googling the problem (I can find a lot of thing but it's all for diffrent but simaler problems.)
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idioch Dec 21, 2013 @ 5:57pm 
Try running it in a Window, but then Maximise the window.
Run the 'Aow Setup' from the start menu, click Settings and under "Startup video mode" choose Window.

Don't think you need to run in compatibilty mode either, I copied the above from a AoW forum. Googled the problem you were having for you. :),5427,,60

That be the forum link of people with similar problem, hopefully what I found works out for you. Are you new to AoW or a returning player to it? If your new I think you'll enjoy it alot, out of the 3 games this one has the biggest race selection (something I loved). Been debating wether to pick up the trilogy pack up or not so I don't have to bother with my CD's, fun series of games.

Yeah the striked out bit...well it's been a while since I last played any of the games. Went and had a look at things on some fan sites. oh well :)
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