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Stoob Feb 28, 2014 @ 9:32am
Noobshire's BYM Server
Inspired by a request on the Steam Forums on how to run a server and after finding all my old tutorials and suchlike, I'm going to run a dedicated dueling server over the weekend. By classic, I mean:

BYMod (rankings, not required user-end)
No force powers except jump
No weapons
Kick enabled (BYMod dependent)
Duel_Temple map
5 min duels
1 frag for the win
10 frags to win the round
Max 6 players

Named: Noobshire's Classic BYMod Server

I'm in the UK so ping is ping but I hope some can pop in.

When entering a BYM server, type '/help' in the console for the commands such as creating a login. You don't need to create a login but that's half the point of BYM. It's not the most complex ranking system (only wins count) but it's a bit of fun.

Can anyone become the 'Chosen One'...?
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