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Tauon 2012年9月7日下午8:40
What is ricochet
ive played a few times and i will get it if someone can tell me the point
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John H. Chafee 2012年9月8日下午4:50 
it is almost fun
Metamoq 2012年9月9日上午10:17 
Ricohet is a old game now none playes this game only expect new players few times then quit
Tauon 2012年9月9日上午10:28 
whats the point though
Destijl 2012年9月9日上午11:07 
You try to frag other players either with your disc or by knocking them off the platforms that compose the arenas (usually by using your disc). It's a multiplayer deathmatch, in other words.
Tauon 2012年9月9日上午11:15 
Big Shep 2012年9月16日上午11:29 
It's the best game in the world.
Tauon 2012年9月17日下午1:11 
no dwarf fortress is way better
cneato 2012年9月27日下午4:50 
this games pretty fun if you can find 2 other people to play with. not fancy but its fun.
Tauon 2012年9月29日下午5:28 
i gess its more of a dead game even less players than the specalists
Flying Don 2012年9月30日上午8:16 
I play it 5 years now...
It's really the best game
NKVD.Va 2012年10月14日下午5:01 
It's a multiplayer deathmatch game, with three maps, very few servers, and few players. My friend Vash is awesome at it, though.
Mike 2012年10月26日上午8:02 

That's not entirely true, there are quite a few other maps, you can download from the internet (/download automaticly as you join a server), besides of the initial 3 that shipped with the game.
Needa Pickle 2013年5月5日下午3:54 
Soo... It's kinda like TRON, lol. I played this game 8 and a half years ago. No one ever played it back then ether.
MASTAXPLODER 2016年4月13日下午8:12 
berst game
Tauon 2016年4月13日下午8:36 
berst game


Needs a sequel
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