Wargame: European Escalation

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Good PACT units and how to use them
by Stanley Johnson
This guide will show you some good units for PACT and how to use them effectively....
Your first NATO deck
by Sithis
A guide on what to include in your first NATO Deck...
Zen of Wargame
by Hob_Gadling
Zen of Wargame, a guide towards enlightenment....
Pact for Beginners (A comprehensive guide)
by xthetenth
Basic strategy, unit overview and deck recommendations....
Your first PACT deck
by Sithis
A guide on what to include in your first PACT deck...
Waragem: EE
by H2CO3
Hopefully this guide can get you started in Wargame, give you some basic info about the game, hwo to play, what to expect, etc....
Tutorial 2.0
by Hob_Gadling
Wargame lacks a proper tutorial. Here's a small checklist to accompany the first campaign, which is structured to be tutorial-like. When I refer to missions, I refer to missions from that campaign. All the units in that are NATO forces. Warsaw Pact troops...
Pact Units Guide
by Teewan
Many people play NATO, and many people made a guide for the NATO units. This is a guide for the Pact units as I often see people suggesting or using terrible units. I will go through EVERY Pact Unit, and I'll explain why or why not to use a unit and how t...
[guide] Choosing your Nato Tanks
by Nero
A Nato Tank guide that tells you all about Nato tanks from me (1000h of experience over 450h on the battlefield) For the MUST KNOW about tanks and the Pact tanks look for my other guide. This will help knowing your tanks though you could figure it out fro...
Pact deck guide
by Teewan
As a result of my 'Pact units guide' I made the 'Pact deck guide' which will show you units I think are needed and what is the best deck set-up for an average 1500 points game. These units aren't necessarily the best because I don't like the spammy battle...