Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

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PACT Tactics
Just a lil disscussion I wanted to do.
Im starting to play with Pact a lil more, and I find that my Nato Tactics are not to good any more.
My current Pact tactic is using 4 convoys, with atleast 4 of the following
Light AA (Praga)
T55s (German)
BMP ot BTR with infantry
Addtional squad of tanks or a Strela/BMP squad.

Air Support is
4 Mi24 A (Russian), and 2 Mi2

4 FOBS and 2 Mi26 Halo once I can deploy them.

With this force, i can normally take several points, in conquest mode (capture the circle zone) until I need to call in addtional tanks or the German Looking Halftrak AT gun,

Normally ill win, but because the timer runs out with my forces about to collapse or I save enough points to send out BMP convoys to secure the last few points.

Any Ideas for a better Pact force?

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