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Wormwood 2013年2月11日 4時14分
CommandVehicles rank
Hello. Im wondering if anyone perhaps know the benefits of upgrading a standard command unit to higher rank? Does it somehow do anything else for that units specific purpose except the usual fire better, less panic, better visibility stuff? Since it cannot shoot im just curious.
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Chris 2013年2月11日 7時16分 
ŊЏ | Shifu 2013年2月11日 8時58分 
Actually, vetting supply trucks or commands is something which will kill your enemies (because they'll laugh so hard :P)
Wormwood 2013年2月11日 9時33分 
Haha yeah good tactic there. ;)
[ST6]Majestic 2013年2月13日 6時40分 
It may reduce its likely hood of being routed... but thats all I can think of. But then, if your command truck is being shot at, its probably too late anyway! :)
Boomer99 2013年2月13日 12時10分 
I think a vetted supply truck allows the driver a selection of better music to listen to on the battlefield. So, that's nice.
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Mr. Cynthum 2013年2月14日 12時24分 
Lol we all want to listen to good music before we die.
IJWI234 2013年2月16日 13時43分 
It helps if the cv has a weapon of some kind, but if your cv is shooting at an enemy something has already gone horribly wrong.
BigDog622 2013年2月16日 15時29分 
If the cmd unit is on front line a little defensive protection is nice , but more important is that little bit of armor they offer from near misses of arty or direct fire from small arms & the helo who lucks over it. While in a small point match it’s hard for me to drop the extra 50 for them, but when I can I do.
Your Neighbour 2013年2月16日 16時24分 
You would rather the CV not shoot, even the newbs will swarm in and try to kill your CV if they know it's within shooting range
IJWI234 2013年2月16日 17時57分 
Weapons on a cv are good if they are attacked (BRM-1K is hilarious when your enemy isn't expecting it), but if they are being attacked then something has gone horribly wrong. They should always be kept as far back as possible and only brought up when the area is clear.
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