Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

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buenaventura 20/jan/2013 às 13:27
Able Archer, Fulda Gap Mission Broken
I got to the objective. Nothing happens.

I got to the objective after having captured all FOBs. Nothing happens.

I got to the objective after completing all secondary objectives and capturing all FOBs. Nothing happens.

I send my command vehicle to the objective, capturing it after having completed all secondary objectives and capturing all FOBs. Nothing happens.

Seriously, WTF is going on here? I've wasted a good seven hours on the mission fort nothing.
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Boomer99 20/jan/2013 às 13:53 
Someone on here mentioned a similar problem about a week ago. When I played that mission, I had to send all of my forced to the very top edge of the objective. In a prior attempt, I left some supply trucks on the battlefield, and the mission wouldn't "complete" itself. Once I tried to move them to the objective, they got captured, then the mission completed itself.

So, maybe you left a unit or two somewhere on the battlefield. Either try to get them to the objective, or get them killed. I don't think the mission will end as long as there are still troops outside of the objective area.
Hob_Gadling 20/jan/2013 às 15:58 
You need to bring all your units to the evac point. Mission won't end while you have stragglers on the field.
buenaventura 20/jan/2013 às 16:02 
Oooooooh. Why didn't I think of that? I've got loads of empty supply trucks idling in the woods. Thanks! I'm going to give it a shot right now.
buenaventura 20/jan/2013 às 16:07 
Success. Though I didn't have to put all of my units in the zone, but more than I had.
Boomer99 20/jan/2013 às 18:25 
I did the same thing, that's how I found out.
Ned 11/fev/2013 às 10:36 
old thread but i hope this helps someone, if your unit runs out of fuel and you can't ressuply it there is no way to get it killed other than sitting and waiting. i have a apc stuck in the middle of nowhere no fuel no means of ressuply and i have to quit this mission because the enemy hasn't attacked it despite me firing wildly into the air
birdyalex 12/fev/2013 às 0:41 
buenaventura 12/fev/2013 às 16:31 
Escrito originalmente por birdyalex:

I fail to see the how this is at all relevant.
birdyalex 16/fev/2013 às 3:00 
i finished this mission in only 40 minutes i will take this mission in 30min. this is more than relevant. going the highway from the left side to the right side supply the germans and than take very fast the evacuation point. And you have 15/15 Stars.
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