Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

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pearlhbrooks Jan 15, 2013 @ 11:50am
Mlada Boleslav
Guys how do you win this mission, I keep getting battered on the 2nd part of the first mission help required pse. I have tried looking on youtube to find a link for help cant find any links.
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Crowe Jan 15, 2013 @ 3:38pm 
It really depends on what you managed to save in the evacuation.

You start with 4 x Mi-24A Helicopters, use them to fend off the initial attacks, I usually keep restarting if I lose one or more to the volley of missiles fired from the Sheridans.

You will need tanks for the push toward the centre, I used 6 x T-72A and later bought in 4 x T-64A

Use your Helicopters to soften up any large groups of enemies in their path and when you get to the objective, divide your force of tanks into two groups and have each of them flank around each, this will enable them to get everyone out of the centre and meet at the FOB on the other side to resupply.

Leonid and Jot aren't hard to capture, I just used 4 x infantry in BMP-1s and 2 x T-64, supported by helicopter gunships.

If you managed to save extra helicopters in the Evacuation, this mission will be a lot easier.

Bring up some T-64Bs and other tanks with ATGM capability and form a line in front of the FOB on the North side of Constantine, place them within its supply radius so they can keep sniping at enemy units.

Place infantry in the woods to the north, you can use these to snipe at vehicles that go by, but mainly they are just to deny it to the enemy. I used 8 x Infantry and kept them supplied with Urals.

Once the NATO units start attacking the first order of business is to use your Helicopters to take out the DANA and RM-70s directly to the north before they do too much damage. Once they are gone your defenses shouldn't need too much help at Constantine, so mainly focus on fortifying the JOT and LEONID, LEONID mostly needs ATGM units since it is more open, while JOT can just have regular infantry in the woods and buildings with some tanks to support.

Aside from the Artillery, the biggest threats I find are the NATO Helicopters, so bring in some Long range AA if you have it, Mainly KUB or BUK, or just use your gunships to hunt them down since they are mostly dedicated ATGM helicopters and so don't have any AA armaments of their own.

Hope this Helps.
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