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How to fight in forests?
So i was playing Mission 3 and it seemed kind of well ridiculous to fight in dense forests. I tried over and over again to clear out forests but all of my recon units seemed to have trouble spotting in forests, and even when they could spot units all of my units had difficulty establishing line of sight to the enemies. Ground recon was useless because they couldn't see past their own hands so it seemed thus air recon was the only logical choice. I completed the mission by bypassing the forests entirely, but I want to know, how exactly are you supposed to fight in forests? Would you use artillery?

On a side note, why did they remove the feature where you could see the max range of vision and guns? I mean in RUSE you could easily tell how far your recon unit could see by just selecting it (and they would of course show how obscured it was by obstacles), and you could see the range of your units by clicking on them. That option seems to have been mostly removed and I can't see why it was.
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H2CO3 Dec 28, 2012 @ 8:41pm 
I am also a fan of RUSE, but Wargame is different. In RUSE, forests don't offer too much cover from recon, and you will often find that tanks can shoot right through them. In Wargame, your units' lines of sight are greatly decreased, even if they are recon units. When I fight in forests, I always avoid using armor. First clear the forest with infantry that has good AT weapons, and then you can move all of your armor and other units in. If you want to see out of a forest, like a recon unit looking out into a field, put the units at the edge of the woods. If tanks want to shoot out of the woods, they will also have to be on the edge.

Infantry will almost always win against armor in woods. In some cases, you can overpower the infantry with mass amounts of armor, but you are sure to loose quite a bit of hardware if you try that. Also, any AA missiles like the Rolands or the Buks with have to be on the edge of the forset to fire at enemies far away.

untilted Dec 28, 2012 @ 11:52pm 
in general ...

if you need some area and the forest lies between you and that area: bypass the forest (unless it would mean that you're cut off from supplies and you're not set up for a deep incursion)
if you need the area that is covered by the forest: well, you likely will have to fight it out.

infantry is your best friend for forests. esp. shocktroops and spec ops (in other words: every infantry with HE 2 or 3) are great for clearing them - they usually can hold themselves against other infantry and they usually come equipped with decent AT weaponry (SAS & FJB40 come with MANPADS; spetsnaz with AP rockets).

there is hardly any reason to put (expensive) tanks into a forest -
1. they can't use their range advantage over other units in this dense area;
2. it makes them vulnerable to infantry. even a single infanterist that managed to avoid your shocktroops can cause tremendous damage - this is esp. a problem in bigger forests.
3. it slows them down a lot;
4. they run out of fuel quicker.

if you MUST use vehicles in a forest - better pick cheap ones (marder/VTS1, zhalos .. pretty much anything with a cannon/AC that costs 15-25pts)

if you have a forest ahead of you and you haven't already established contact with the enemy and/or scouted enemy positions:
1. send some probing attacks .. empty APCs (VAB and BTR are great for this as they got a HMG and therefore can cause a bit of trouble), a few squads of cheap infantry, maybe a few shocktroops/spec ops (only advisable if you can unload them in safety away from the target area and sneak them in through the vegetation)
2. once you made contact with the enemy (as this is pretty much the only way to scout a forest) you will likely have a good overview of the enemy forces in the area. now you got a few things to consider.
3a. against infantry: artillery is your best friend
3b. against cheap vehicles: artillery and tank guns are your best friends
3c. against ATGM carriers: artillery and ATGM infantry are your best friends
3d. against tanks: ATGM and tank guns are your best friends
3f. if the enemy got a strong point in some part of the forest - maybe you can sneak in some infantry on the other side.
4. once you have decimated the enemy presence in the area to a reasonable amount your main attack should start. pick a vector that keeps your troops in cover (no point in attacking over a huge field if you can sneak along a slope right next to the forest). use a mix of cheap infantry and shocktroops - unload them as late as possible, but not later than the edge of the forest. maybe send some cheap vehicles (see list above) with them for fire support - these stay outside the forest and support the fighting on the edge.

while artillery is certainly an important asset for fighting in forests, don't overdo it. you don't need 500pts worth of MRLS/arty to weaken enemy positions. a single MRLS system firing a corrected shot at minimum range works well enough (i'm not even talking about the burratino - as clearing an area for an imminent assault is its prime use) ... if you call in tube arty: 160-200pts worth are usually enough.

edit: also an important thing when fighting in forests: use the attack order. this means that your units will stop to fire at the enemy improving your damage output a lot. anti-tank weapons usually can only be fired when stationary - the same goes for handheld flamethrowers; rifles are less accurate when moving. by using the attack order your infantry will use their weapons to the fullest effect as early as possible.
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Gideon300 Dec 29, 2012 @ 8:49am 
I only would like to point out that the Spetznas do not have AT, but are very good at killing inf.
Boomer99 Dec 29, 2012 @ 12:05pm 
I can't remember the name of the solo mission, but it's the one where you take command of NATO troops caught behind enemy lines, and must reunite them with other NATO forces and make your way to the top of the map.

In this particular mission, the forest looks very inviting, because there are a couple of really large ones and you don't want to draw attention to your units. That's a mistake. The first time I played that mission, I learned quickly that the forest is basically a trap for your units. STAY AWAY if possible.

I've had success with most infantry untis fighting in forests (included Motostrelki). Infantry has an advantage in close quarters combat, so when used in towns and forests, they can hold their own against almost any unit. Vehicles pretty much suck in the woods.
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