Wargame: European Escalation

Smithsonius 2013年5月26日下午5:31
Suffering from the Civil War freeze bug, looking for a .wargamesav of the next mission...
I did have both the 1914 again and civil war freeze issues, however 1914 started working out of the blue after several days of messing around with all the settings on my pc (re-installs, verify game cache, driver updates, graphic changes etc etc.), but the Civil War mission still freezes after completing the objective. Very odd.

Anyway I'm wondering if anyone has a savegame or link to download a savegame of the next mission (Crossing the Elbe?) that they can provide? I'm wondering if going this route will circumnavigate the mission bug and allow me to finish the campaign. Finished every other level so it's a bit annoying to have a substantial chunk of missions cut off because of a seemingly widespread bug...
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