Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

adambryan 2013年4月26日下午10:37
Can't start/launch the game
Starts to launch (window pops up) and then...nothing. Used to work fine. Only change, I bought/downloaded Wargame: AirLand. Not much online about this. I've reinstalled 3x. Verified cache. Any ideas? Help!!!!!!!
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Chris 2013年4月27日上午11:55 
Go to http://www.wargame-ee.com/forum and write to them under Tech Support.
最后由 Chris 编辑于; 2013年4月27日上午11:56
Mazrim_Taim 2013年4月27日上午11:57 
Same Problem here with my NVidia PC.
I use a GTX680 with the latest driver (314.22) and the game did not start.
My other PC with an AMD HD 7950 graphic card works perfect.

Please write what graphic card you use.

Look for the data file "LastKnowGoodOptions.ini" in your EugenSystems\WarGame file folder.
When you delete the file the game will create a new one but the game will start.
=> I think reinstall would not help because the file would not delete.

Edit 2
The new 320.00 BETA Driver is also no solution
最后由 Mazrim_Taim 编辑于; 2013年4月28日上午7:48
adambryan 2013年4月27日下午4:53 
Nvidia GeForce GTX 551ti
adambryan 2013年4月27日下午4:54 
Deleted "Lastknowngoodoptions.ini" - did nothing.
Mazrim_Taim 2013年4月28日上午7:45 
When I deletet "LastKnowGoodOptions.ini" the game detected this and asked for creating a new one.
With the new one I can play the game.
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