Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

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Love the game but.......
I do enjoy the difficulty of this game, but there are a few points I would simply like to discuss. I do understand there needs to be a balance in the game and I understand that at times realism has to give way to game play. That being said, here we go:

I have run into a few issues that I do not know if they can be resolved but are frusting such as:

1. I will send helicopters on an intercept course but it seems they do not attack even after they are being shot up by either ground or other air assets. This is frustrating especially since i am working an entire battlefield. Then there are the times I tell the air units to move and they hesitate and are destroyed. We are talking like a 2 second hesitation.

2. I seem to be seeing what I feel is a diparity when playing the AI when it comes to the defensive capabilities of AI units, it just seems that the AI units can handle a whole lot more damage (or are bettter at shots on target?). I mean seriously, a zsu taking multiple shots from a tank and still able to destroy an entire tank section?

3. 6 vulcan aa cannon versus 2 Hi-24 and unable to down even 1 Hind?

Maybe my impression/knowledge of the Pact forces capabilities and defensive strengths is way off or is it simply by design to make the game a challenge? Again, I like the difficulty until I get to the point that no matter what tactics I use, the Pact seems to rooll right over all my units.

Another issue is the M110. They have it listed as no direct fire capability. That is simply not true. They did have that capability and we trained just for such an eventuality [showing my age now....yes I was a red leg, gun bunny, or whatever u want to call it now]. Granted, the guns do not load that fast but at least 1 round would have gotten off and those 8 inch round would have at least shook up the target if it hit a tank, any light armour would have been toast from the concussion.

Just saying.......

The game is pretty kool, but I can see where more realistic capabilities would be nice. Also would love to see more later years combat say right before the Pact fell apart.

Thanks for listening!!
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