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Conscript 2013年3月17日 9時35分
I am trying to play this game and when I play skirmish's 1v1 vs a computer I get 1500 points to spend.

As the game progresses my points build back up based on how many bases I have captured with command trucks but... how do I use these new points to bring in more reinforcements?

Are you just stuck with what you start with at the beginning of the game and have no way to get more units?
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Scrappy57 2013年3月17日 10時02分 
first of all you have to have a cv and move it to one of the arrows and just call for reinforcements
Conscript 2013年3月17日 10時09分 
Oh ok, thanks! I was having a hard time winning when the only units I had were the ones that I started with :D
Scrappy57 2013年3月17日 10時53分 
no prob
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