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middle east warfair
Dear Wargame,

scince there is a lot of conflect going on in the middle east for the past 10 years,
i would like to know if it is possible to make {Wargame: middle east warfair}
example: iraq war or eagypt against isreal and more
with all my repect,i would think if Wargame does an extra version, then it would be prety nice to play.


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Gazhevski Aug 3, 2014 @ 2:36am 
i was thinking about it too, but since the main theme of wargame: X is an ascelated cold war, it would be even better, there was a lot of conflict during the cold war too. you have (regime changes) the pro and anti western Iran, you have Saddam's Iraq, wich was first supplied, than attacked by NATO, you have Nasser's Egypt, supported by the Soviets in the Arab Israeli war, you have communist south-yemen and NATO member Turkey right north of it all, and a close NATO ally Israel, and offcourse the gulfstate oil supplieras, mainly allinged to the west, and Syria is certainly intresting although i don't know about it's allingmend during the coldwar, and don't forget the kurd guerilla fighters and numberous of other movements (sorry my respond was a bit late)
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[LL]captainredz Aug 3, 2014 @ 10:22am 
ok athank you. i c your oppienion
Pelaf Aug 11, 2014 @ 11:26am 
Making a middle eastern themed Wargame would mean that the playerbase would have to shift from very vehicle oriented to very infantry oriented playstyles. Out of all the countries that fight over there, not many have big vehiclular war industries like the larger NATO and PACT countries did. Heavy armor and even some lightly armored vehicles in those countries were generally imported from those larger, more production based nations such as Russia, the U.S.A, France, Britain, and some others.

Israel has many weapons of its own production, and so does Egypt, but nations like Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan don't have very many weapons of their own design, which would lead to a lesser variety in the arsenal of the game's units. But on the other hand, having extremely large scale desert conflicts in the mountains and across huge, flat deserts that are dotted with villages would be really cool to have in a franchise like Wargame.

Even though I personally love the infantry in this game, not many others use them as their core force, so people might be turned off by the fact that most middle eastern armies are mostly infantry that use geurilla tactics.

So I'm all for Wargame: Overheated Battle, but I don't know if many others would be.
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Winter_Wolf Aug 28, 2014 @ 11:48pm 
Is a Warfair like a fair where militaries show off their hardware?

Anyways, one thing which would probably very easily retain the vehicle-based nature of Wargame games is focus on the wars between Israel and its neighbors as a primary thing in the game, with some stuff happening elsewhere. These wars saw pretty pivotal tank battles, and using israeli tanks and those tanks which Israel has beefed up/modified that come from other places would be pretty cool.

Maybe you could have the Russia-Afghanistan War and Iran-Iraq War as other scenarios.

These of course would be a break from the "what could've happened" of previous Wargame games, in favor of stuff that did happen. But of course you'd be able to control exactly how the battles pan out, so that's something. I dunno, the Iran-Iraq War might have some more vehicle focused combat.

Then I guess there's the more recent stuff like Gulf Wars and all. Maybe you could annihilate the Iraqi armored forces at 73 Easting lol. SAS and such with long range patrol vehicles would be useful if infantry were more pivotal, though, for instance. They could raid stuff in the desert like the good ol' times in WWII North Africa lol.
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