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i8pikachu Feb 21, 2014 @ 10:33am
Recommendation on training for strategy?
I've had this game for a while and it has a very steep learning curve -- and I love Paradox titles (e.g., Universalis) so that says something. Are there any videos or websites that detail strategies how to play the game?
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ŊЏ | Shifu Feb 21, 2014 @ 10:40am 
No, the website containing most information in this direction is probably the official forum, but well ... (www.wargame-ee.com/forum -> Wargame European Escalation -> Tutorials & Walkthroughs)
Else, I'd say search for casted tournament games ... e.g. Selk4res did those (French, English), else you directly can download replays from "http://escalation.eu/", put those into C:\\Users\<your_username>\Saved Games\Eugen Systems\WarGame and watch them ingame as if those would be your own replays.
I lately wrote some advice on strategy in this forum, going to look for it and edit this post then.

Edit: It's maybe not 100% fitting, but well:
"Uhm, well, firstly, this depends on the gamemode. As you're playing Destruction, yes, aggressively playing isn't the way to go (even though your early game may be aggressive to gain map control). Once you're leading in terms of points, you camp. (Unless you're sure of your skills and know you will be able to push and win ... but pushing is one of the best opportunities for your enemy to make an comeback).

Before the game starts, think about which are the key sectors on the map - then focus on taking them and ignore the rest. Your initial force may not contain too much artillery - it should be a mixed force (as a rule of thumb, you don't have more than 1 unit in a squad if the units cots 60<), never forget recon, aa. For Nato, some early gazelle cannons will play out nice ..

A youtube cast of a tournament game (the important part is the strategy and the early minutes which decide - as usual - the outcome of the game): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPyHKmWL1xg - even if I disagree with Oliver's views on our strategy at some points and the game was updated after the tournament, you can see how focusing on the important sectors in an early push won the game (the sides were only "defended" by a few recons). So, parts of this work in destruction just the same way: have recon helicopters or cheap gazelles for scouting, push in the first few minutes of the game. Once all units arrived at the front, pushing is nearly impossible and should be avoided unless you know exactly what you're doing. Try to get some special forces behind the enemy lines to kill CVs/scout CVs so you can kill 'em with artillery (best to use: MLRS). Not sending amounts of troops on unimportant sectors doesn#t mean your enemy isn't attacking them and pushing further - have recon everywhere to see what's coming and prepare for defense. Guess that's about it ..

One last note for artillery: don't waste money on tube artillery early on (if you want tube artillery, take 1 with your army, don't stay in base - MLRS is okay in base. Rule of thumb: small-medium maps: 2 MLRS/2Smerch - bigger maps: 3 MLRS/2 Smerch - more is mostly a waste of points)"

Feel free to ask me if anythings unclear or you'd like to get further information ..
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