Leaving Lyndow

Leaving Lyndow

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Stuck at Language select screen...
i3 2100
gtx 960
debian 8
Nvidia driver 375.39

game loads to black background with Language choices. Am unable to select any language. Can't get any further. ideas?
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Eastshade Studios  [developer] Apr 13 @ 7:33pm 
Hmm not sure what it could be. Do you see your mouse cursor at all? Do you have a game pad? Perhaps try using that?
yes the cursor functions on the language select screen. And no gamepad available
Ok so the game works in wondowed mode but when in fullscreen mode I cannot select anything. so idk...

When ran in windowed game functions. Faces are black and some rocks are all black as well. maybe a little bit more tweaking for the linux version
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I just posted the very same problems but did add a video to show the texture problems, But i also have the problem with a blank black screen if i try to load the game fullscreen after the first time, i get no Language screen showing just a blank black screen with sound playing.


V-Sync turned off is the problem with the Blank black screen, turning it back on from window mode fixed that problem, but still on the menu in fullscreen i can not click on anything so i still need to be in Window mode.
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Eastshade Studios  [developer] Apr 17 @ 2:34pm 
So is this all linux versions or just certain distros? Can any other linux users confirm the game is working for them?
for dev...
Debian Jessie 8.7
x86_64 Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64 kernel
xfce 4.10
geforce gtx 960 Nvidia driver 375.39
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