Cyber-Freak Dec 4, 2013 @ 8:47pm
Video Problems and Possible Solutions
I was experiencing some problems when starting the game.
Windows 7 x64
ATI 7870 - Catalyst Driver 13.9

When I would start a game it would come up, some sound would appear and then it would 'crash' to desktop. game would still running in background without sound.

--Possible Solutions
1) run the config and change your resolution.
---+ DEFAULT resolution is #01 @ 1280x720.
---+ Set to your prefered resolution (in my case option #12 @ 1980x1080)
2) Accept

If it continues to not work other solutions include:
Enable GPU scaling in CCC

Changing RATOF.exe modes
- XP SP2 compatability mode

(aero related issues)
- Disable Desktop Composition
- Disable Visual Themes

(crashes during movies & multi-core CPU)
1) After starting the game start Task Manager
2) Right click on RATOF.exe /runaway2.exe(etc.)
3) Set Affinity & disable all but the first CPU