Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

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DutchPride 29. srp. 2013 v 12.23 dop.
So basically I was playing blood bowl and I was going up against a team that was damn hard to beat, because they had like 4 guys with strength 5 (pharaoh guys). So I was in the final of a cup and it was the last turn and my guy was in a corner as I tried to play it smart and let the turns pass by so they won't have a chance to score against me. Everything went right and I scored the goal and so I was like got this match in the pocket. After the scoring screen the game was like well all the double skulls couldn't stop you so lets just stop working and let you do the match over again. The game just stopped working and I was freaking out as I couldn't do anything to fix it so i had to quit the game. I don't know how or what this was about, but because this already happened once I'm convinced this game just wants to screw me over and instead of the dice stopping me it broke itself. Blood bowl you did it again buddy you made me hate you again good job.

Ps: I'm joking about the game wanting to screw me its just how I feel right now so don't go crazy its just me outing my frustration with this game and its bugs and all.
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§þyđà ÐæĦōŋĩƈ 5. zář. 2013 v 12.18 odp. 
Lol, I had a game years ago something like speedball or something, similar to bloodbowl, but whenever I won a match against someone I technically shouldnt have the game locked up or crashed ... was convincded it was built into the program to rob me of victories! ...
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