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[18tes] Varg Vrathyr 2013年9月8日上午4:52
Still worth buying?
Hello, since CXL:Platinum is currently on sale i actually think about buying it. It looks awsome and i like games like this one. Unfortunatly there are people telling me that it has a really flat gameplay and you cant do much beside placing buildings.

I would like to have a game wich allows me to manage and maintain a big scaled city and this game looks like that. But is it really what it looks like/seems to be?
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Mikemc 2013年11月2日下午8:52 
It plays very well and is quite pretty :)
podsaurus 2013年11月10日下午1:48 
I'd love to be able to create a beautiful city people can admire but don't bother with this game. If the game was more entertaining I'd say get it but it's not. It's boring and flat.
Mikemc 2013年11月18日上午9:03 
It's a city-building game, not CoD
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