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matrixbruno 2012年12月29日下午6:48
This is an ONLINE game and you cant even play it ONLINE?
Is that serious? I just bought this game, twice (for me and a friend) thinking this was online, because at the store you can clearly read Cities 2011 XL ONLINE, and you cant play it online?
Thats ridiculous and so wrong...
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zunjin 2012年12月30日上午12:59 
Hey Matrix :)

The game Cities XL Online was an online city builder, where the cities of different people could interact. The game "failed" and went of offline - now called Cities XL Regular Edition. After that they released a new succusfull version Cities XL 2011 without the online mode as well as the addon Cities XL 2012.

Since Steam doesn't sell Cities XL Online anymore (only the regular, 2011 and 2012 edition) I am not shure if the steam page to Cities XL 2011 maybe wrongly states that it has an online mode, or if you just read something about the former Cities XL Online on the internet and thought that Cities XL 2011 would be the same. In first case you could ask Steam for a refund.

If not than try to enjoy this great game. And if you are still looking a city builder with Coop / Online mode, go and check the new Sim City which is going to release in a few month. :)
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