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🌾 Marcie 🌱 2013년 5월 24일 오전 9시 14분
Thinking of buying this game?
Just yesterday I was skeptical or not if I should buy this game but I'm glad I did.
I would personally say if you enjoy Sim City; get this game. I actually thought it would be rubbish but it turned out to be pretty good; especially for the 6 dollar deal. I've only been playing for not even an hour and I haven't had a single problem. Everything is running smoothly.
Also, it seems a lot more well organized than Sim City in my opinion. There's no lag when zooming in and the civilians are more detailed. I think the detail in buildings when zooming in is lovely also.
My personal rating would be 9/10. I recommend buying.
🌾 Marcie 🌱님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 5월 24일 오전 9시 14분
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🌾 Marcie 🌱 2013년 5월 24일 오전 9시 23분 
I should also mention that the graphics are very changable. It gives you many options to turn down quality just in case it lags.
Furthermore, I really, really adore the land selection. It gives you a real challenge while also making it convienient.
The doctor is in 2013년 5월 25일 오전 1시 39분 
i too am having a great time playing this game, better than simcity 5 ;)

did u get cxl 2011, if so you may want to consider upgrading to cxl platinum for an additional $4.5

you get lots of new stuff and fixes

also dont forget to checkout, there you will find hundreds of addons and over 40K members!
Zombie101 2013년 7월 12일 오후 11시 17분 
don't buy it
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Cities XL 2011 > 일반 토론 > 제목 정보
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