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Muammer93 2012年11月2日 6時22分
Same highscores & persons
Some of song has same highscores made by same person. For example; Celldweller - Frozen & Amon Amarth - Metalwrath 230,065 by Fara7. Is that bug ?
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Aurora 2012年11月24日 6時37分 
I guess that no one had played this song,so the result is not true.
Hitori42 2012年11月26日 9時08分 
I don't get it too. Sometimes I play two differents songs, and I got the two same page of results.
Then I play a song, and I'm the only one.
Today I make 800000 points, and I saw my last scores of 650000.
Maybe some problems with highscores list :/
Archibold Wessex 2012年12月5日 11時23分 
I wondered if playmodes and song lengths accounted for the same names appearing, but given that my scores don't always appear either, I wonder if it is a bug like you say.
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