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kalirion 2012年11月3日 18時32分
Hi-tech doors?
Finished the game, but still can't open any of those doors requiring "hi tech". The "hi-tech" gizmo which allowed me to pass through the mansion gates doesn't seem to be enough for some reason....
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vicentosky 2012年11月4日 15時10分 
Talk with judy and she will ask you to buy some film, some steps more and you'll have what you need to open hi-tech doors.
kalirion 2012年11月4日 15時13分 
Cool, thanks!
nit3mar30 2012年11月5日 5時11分 
*Spoiler below* took this from the walkthrough

Once you’ve taken all the main evidence to Judy, talk to her again for a quest to buy her some film. So go to Harvey, buy film and take it back to Judy
Judy will reward you with a crayon.
Take the crayon to Ruby, who will give you a flower
Take the flower to the triplets in the playground. They will give you a donut
Take the donut to the thugs in the Crows’ hideout. They will give you a chain
Take the chain to John the museum archives guard. He gives you a handkerchief
Take the handkerchief to Jane in the café district. She will give you an apple
Take the apple to grandma at home. She gives you a scarf
Finally, take the scarf to Harvey and he gives you the pro thief kit, which allows you to access the security doors

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