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👺Hatec 2012年10月28日 9時03分
Werewolf won't let go of Crates/Batteries
So I'm pretty early into the game and when I'm a werewolf I can't let go of crates/batteries. I solve the puzzle quickly but can't complete them because of this. Anyone else having this issue or am I alone?
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Skaery 2012年10月28日 10時00分 
I had the same problem. After smashing the keys for some time (don't know what triggered it) he stopped. Now I have to hold the m key everytime I want to move something.
👺Hatec 2012年10月28日 11時36分 
Alright, thanks a bunch dude.
TheVoiid 2012年11月24日 7時44分 
This also happened to me and it seemed to have something to do with the shift keys. I believe just pressing shift once solved it, or maybe it was holding shift + m and then it was fixed when you let go again. In any case, shift :)
PhyreMatrix 2012年11月26日 6時44分 
It happened to me when I switched between the client interface and the game (Tab+Shift key). I just exited the game and restarted.
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