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tonbogale 2013年1月7日 17時44分
Scare the Crows quest
I got the Crow that was hanging out in town (don't remember what area) but now I can't get the other one.

I didn't go looking for the other Crow until after the puppyfied Al. Now the Crow tells me he knows that I'm the same guy and he won't scare. This is one of the thugs in the Junkyard, the other guy on the same map just asks me to have a beer with him.

Am I missing a third Crow, or can I not finish the quest at this point?
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silvergirl_quest 2013年3月16日 1時47分 
You can still finish the Scare the Crows quest. You know you've finished the quest when two individual Crows run off screaming, leaving you their two jackets.

Neither of the two thugs you're looking for are in the Junkyard. Both of them are west of the Junkyard and are on different screens (and thus don't include the two friendly Junkyard guys).

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