Watser Aug 29, 2013 @ 5:58am
Question About Achievements

I have a few questions regarding the achievements 'Big Ben', 'Square Eyes' and 'One Gnome...'.
For Big Ben I found the bell, but I dont know how to make it ring. The bell is in the first ice level.
Square Eyes I found a smashed TV on the bottom of a narrow and very deep pit in level 2 I think it was, but can't make it down there alive.
For One Gnome I already have the gnome, and tried throwing it in several lavapits but no luck so I assume it's a specific one but I can't find it.

Thank you if there are any who still reads this forum and can shed some lights to this :)

EDIT: Made it to the bottom of the pit to the TV and got the achievement.
For Big Ben you just have to continuosly drop the bell on the ground.
One Gnome I had to ask Google :/ it's the lavapool where a robot is trying to cool it off with a fan in 4th lava level
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