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Salvus Apr 4, 2013 @ 10:40am
Are there legit recessions that hit the game at various points in time that are beyond player control?
I started a sandbox game and was beginning to do quite well until about 1989 when all profits suddenly plumetted. Actually, I wasn't sure if my expenditures simply became to much or if my profits suddenly dropped(Because I did not note where my profits and expenditures were at just prior to this "recession"). In any case, I cut spending on my military by half(I was paying them all to the max and they were spec ops) and also I cancelled the edict where you take care of all islanders' pensions and healthcare (forget what it is called offhand)....after about 5 years, my profits began to soar once more, and actually hit an alltime high. I began building up my tourist industry but then in 2007, I hit another crippling recession(from which I have not yet recovered and am now approaching 200,000 in the hole. I noticed that both "recessions" coincided with actual, real-world recessions (1990 & 2007). Is this a coincidence, or are they fixed in-game recessions that hit around these dates and are beyond player control?? Thanks for your time in advance.
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MikeH (Banned) Apr 4, 2013 @ 11:22am 
I never heard of a built in recession for time periods. There are scripted events that can lower things and random events.

It would be really hard to see what the issue is because there can be a whole lot of factors.

Have you checked your input output storage on your factory buildings? Are factories being supplied, are things getting picked up? I always have an issue with this once my Island reaches about 700 people. Teamsters have a hard time getting the goods to the docks, or there is just to many goods.

Check your tourism. You have any buildings not making money? To make Tourism work you should only cater to the Wealthy and Spring break crowed.

Are your Factories import Dependant? It is very easy to create a black hole effect where there is not enough cash to buy imports. Smugglers can offset this some. No imports, no material to make into goods, nothing to sale. You have to watch overspending between freighters and check the amount of export goods on the dock before dropping those 10 Apartments. Once you get into a hole of no imports then it's very hard to climb out of.

You have a lot of jobless people? People that are not working don't pay rent and use up free services. Worse, they get to vote at elections. Population control is Key to playing Tropico 4

If you could check some buildings and give us some numbers. Someone here could figure it out.
Foehammer Apr 4, 2013 @ 11:34am 
Yep, if your industry is dependent on imports you can end up pretty screwed if you go in the red. You could try dropping all salaries to $1 and see if your economy starts to turn, but it'll♥♥♥♥♥♥everyone off :)
Salvus Apr 4, 2013 @ 12:27pm 
Thanks for the replies. Since I posted this, I've been in-game trying to resolve the problem. As it turns out, although I did not see it in time, your advice is very good! I was not at all paying attention to certain things. When cash started to flow in after 1995, I spent waaaay to much on trying to develop tourism. I had lots of hotels and other tourist related buildings that were simply draining my economy. Also, alot of my industries were not being supplied anymore by local resources since those sources dried up, AND I don't think I had enough teamster buildings or garages built.(Now that I think of it, I probably need way more construction buildings too, since I think I have only 3 or 4 in the main town...should they be spread out aswell just like teamster buildings and garages?) Also, I had two banks and two insurance buildings which I did not set up to compliment the local economy. One insurance building is now set to Mortgaging, while the other is set to Life Insurance. The two banks I had were bleeding the economy aswell until I set them both to investing(I can't remember exactly what the setting is, but I set them based on the profit forcast it gave.) At any rate, now all 4 buildings are making VERY handsome profits. Also, I downsized tourism big time(which was a little depressing to have to do) but now the remainder is turning a profit aswell. The building of more teamster buildings and garages seems to have helped move business along aswell(like I said, I should probably build more construction centres too though). And lastly, I allowed max imports and went to various industrial buildings and set them to 'allow imports' which finally jump started production and profit(tore down those industrial buildings that were doing nothing for the economy aswell)... That final step was probably the biggest point, since for instance, it turned a decrepid jewellery factory(which previously had relied on a local gold mine, long since dried up)into a very profitable enterprise indeed..and that is just one example.. it jump started several other industries aswell. Now my profits have once more hit an all-time high. I have for the first time ever, filled my treasury to past $1 million, and profits are continuing to soar...I've never been so rich, and it all appears to be thanks mainly to down-sizing and very crucial tweaks in the type of business various buildings were doing. plus, the building of more teamster buildings and garages also seems to have helped the situation turn so dramatically. The period from about 2007-2017 was a very trying time for my all pistons are firing at full blast and things are looking good once more! Thanks again! P.S. Sorry for the insanely long post, this game is amazing!
MikeH (Banned) Apr 4, 2013 @ 12:46pm 
Congratz!!! Glad to hear you got it all turned around. Tourism can work, but focus on the Wealthy and Spring break buildings. This means very few tourist buildings with decent profit. There is a cap on the number of tourist allowed and if you try to service all of them, then you end up having most every building not visited enough to turn a profit.

Farms, mines, both run out. It's best to just import in what you need by setting the docks to unlimited imports once your natural resources run dry. You can rotate crops somewhat if you want. Importing everything in makes for a lot less pollution and a lot less unneeded people working uneducated jobs that need housing and services you pay for.

Salvus Apr 7, 2013 @ 12:43am 
Now have $30million plus and rising...All I can say is, Investment Banking.
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