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Scumbagführer Nov 28, 2013 @ 9:30pm
Need suggestion for DLC.
So the 4 dlcs that I dont have now on 80% sale, tell me, which one is the best? Voodo, Academy, Apocalypse or Propaganda? Im planning to buy 1 or 2.
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They are all worth $1. But since you asked, Academy is easily the worst. So go buy the others. Sell some tradings cards if you need to make another dollar.
RoosterCantrell Nov 29, 2013 @ 5:47am 

Junta 6/10
Plantador 9/10
Cement 7/10
Modern Times 10/10
Pirate 6/10
Megalopolis 1/10
Vigilante 1/10
Voodoo 2/10
Propaganda 1/10
Academy 0/10
Apocalypse 3/10

Junta: Bunker=soldiers, kinda worthwhile, Neat if you like to make a military base since DLC comes with military decorator items. NOTE: most DLCs now come with various decorator items, Most are simply parks, though. The base game comes with parks too, just not as many.

Plantador= Plantation Farm, a farm that is bigger than regular farms. For me, I LOVE the plantations. seem to pollute less and produce more.... not certain about the pollution though. DLCs come with traits(abilities) for your character, the Plantador trait is VERY useful.

Cement= Cement Factory. Very useful building. lowers build times and is a great economy building.

MT= adds a ton. Just get it. Downside is it replaces buildings with different versions. MT is able to be disabled though, so no real worries.

Pirate= smuggling dock. Useful to smuggle in goods for a lowwwww price. This thing is over- "powered" It's almost like a god item.

Megalopolis= Conventillo-Alternate apartment building. I Honestly don't know much about this DLC, I have it, but don't see ANY advantage to the Conventillo over the Apartment building.

Vigilante= Adds a prison camp. Very boring. Seems buggy as well

Voodoo= adds witch doctor house/tourist trap. I NEVER build it. Seems to help religious faction happiness, but not by much.

Propoganda= adds propoganda speaker towers. It's not hard to keep the people happy, except for a few story missions. almost worthless.

Academy= Same as college. Not worth a dollar unless you're like me and just want the complete set. Its just completely useless.

Apocalypse= Fallout Bunker. It's a silly DLC, but the Bunker can be set to give a huge boon to one of the island's many factions, which can be handy, although cheap method of making them happy.
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Dree Nov 29, 2013 @ 11:38am 
You can use all the DLC in the main mission / modern time missions. That said, most of the DLC buildings come in handy to resolve certain difficult tasks.

1) Plantador is the best. It is compatible (in terms of economical needs in all missions). It is cheap to build, produces whole load of profits and hires 8 uneducated people. For all the "Rum Distillery" lovers, this is a must buy DLC.

2) Bunker / Junta DLC: One of popular ways the main mission tries to fail player is by creating the rebels. Having a bunker or two with "Conscript" edict enabled, you can knock all the rebel uprises easily.

3) Pirate DLC: In a nutshell, this DLC brings 2 vital benefits, 1) Nuclear Plants costs enormous amount of money to purchase the Uranium. If your money is negative, the dock won't purchase the import, making power generation nearly impossible. The smugglers buy the uranium whenever it is necessary. 2) Once the starvation starts, it is hard to take it off. The smugglers bring in corns regularly to avoid this.

4) Voodoo is great only if you are trying the tourist build. Once you get several luxury hotels built on the island, you can charge ridiculously high entry fee to the wealthy tourists (45-50) per visit.

The rest of the DLC are okay but they may not be worth it.

Cement factory looked good on paper since it produces profits regularly. But in practice, it costs high-school educated citizens, which you need for government building early on. Most of my playtime, this building has 1 or 0 worker.

Propaganda adds a small tower that converts people into loyalists. There are already so many buildings that convert people into loyalists, you really don't need to spend $4000 + 20 Power for this building. On the other hand, the tower is 1x1 size, it can fit into any space / gap between other buildings,which is the only positive side of this DLC.

Megapolis, like people have mentioned before me, is useless. It degrades rather fast, costs too much to maintain and bulky in size. Just build apartments instead.

Bunker DLC pretty much covers all the military needs, which is why I don't recommend the Academy DLC. in addition, the Academy building absorbs all the high-school male workforce (since it has better job quality). It is wise not to build this early on.

Vigilante DLC: There is only 1 fatal bug I know of. (Penultimo asks you to arrest a citizen with lowest respect, and when he/she gets arrested into the camp, the mission gets bugged out). Other than that, this DLC is really good. Criminals lower the tour rating, happiness and liberties, and this building converts them into a law-abiding farmers who produces loads of profits and food. Also, it only costs $2000 and you can have a police officer early in the game.

Apocalpyse vault is good except it costs $45,000 to build. By the time you earn $45,000 in the treasury, you probably have good relationship with all the factions.

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