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Cantina 2012年12月21日 14時51分
Problem connection with Facebook
Im wanna play this game with a friend, but we can't syncronize the game with Facebook.. Someone have the same problem?
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Mr. Inclusive 2012年12月21日 15時58分 
I too am having this problem. I installed this game earlier to play with my friend and we both had issues. He couldn't log in, and I couldn't connect with FB.
Cantina 2012年12月21日 16時10分 
Error! Facebook integration with "The First Templar" failed. Please try again later.
Im hope that problem solved soon.
Slayanor 2012年12月27日 13時27分 
Yeah I wanted to play last night and couldn't connect but I wasn't using facebook.
Mr. Inclusive 2012年12月27日 16時52分 
Why the hell isn't this game working yet
Cantina 2012年12月27日 17時47分 
Say thanks you to Don Valve.
Alpoochino 2013年1月1日 14時59分 
Do you really need FB to play this game?
Cantina 2013年1月1日 15時46分 
No. But im can't play the game without FB too. The server browser don't find any server.
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