Broken Sword 1 - Shadow of the Templars: Director's Cut
leisureX Apr 25 @ 10:22am
Only 94% progress at last possible saved game location?
I've noticed that the game keeps track of progress (in percents) in the saved games screen, i.e., next to each saved game slot, you can see what's your progress (%) in that saved game.

I assumed this progress was only for mandatory actions done towards finishing the game, and optional actions don't affect it, so I expected my last save to show 99% progress.

So, I've saved the game in the very last "save-able" moment, right before you're supposed to use the torch and the game ends, and that save showed 94% instead of the expected 99%... does anyone who saved in this position has a different progress percent, higher or lower than 94%? I'm very curious if I missed something...

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