Patrician IV: Steam Special Edition

Dzordanas 2013년 8월 26일 오후 3시 37분
Is Denmark in this game?
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Marquis de l'Hamy 2013년 9월 5일 오후 5시 49분 
Well, yeah. Its set in Northern Europe. From eastern Britain to western Russia. But nations dont really play a role in this game, Cities do, of which about five or six are danish
Dzordanas 2013년 9월 5일 오후 6시 23분 
Is the game any good? Multiplayer? Abandoned? It took like 3 weeks for one reply...
anthonyjohnadlington 2014년 7월 24일 오전 11시 34분 
the games great maily a solo play but you pm peoples and they will come
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