ElDuderino Jan 23 @ 5:53pm
Why such a low metascore rating?
This game looks interesting but I'm turned off by such a low rating. Can anybody who has played this catch me up on why it is so poorly rated and if its worth playing?
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jucifer7 Feb 27 @ 11:18am 
Alo of people would find it "boring"
jucifer7 Feb 27 @ 11:19am 
Ragnor Mar 14 @ 2:16am 
Well it is no action game at all. Even the fights with ships are very smooth. But who loves a good trading game with building the city and lots of other stuff will love this game. Couse its all about a good plan/traderroute/beattherighttimeattherightplace/Buy-build the right buildings/ships
I love it :P
hackersfckof Mar 15 @ 2:08am 
just installed it ;). hope i dont find it boring :D
TarotOceans Mar 15 @ 7:41pm 
Well, it's also a Kalypso game...whilst they seem to be getting a bit better, they like taking thier old games and remaking them with barely any innovation. Tropico 1 = Tropico 3, right down to the special option choices for buildings. There's something about thier games that are somehow both exciting, but then as time goes on, boring. They need more options and (for sequels) innovation.
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]NsR[ Wurum Aug 16 @ 12:58pm 
I actually wish more developers would do that. So many times games are updated and the changes to game play just mess it up when all it really needed is modernization of the graphics and UI.
Dieudonné Mbala Mbala Sep 13 @ 9:03pm 
don't know why metascore is low ... however if you enjoy business sim this game is excellent for that ! trade ! trade !! make money !! become the big boss and own city !! awesome game for me !!
i just ask myself one thing : why did i get this game only now !! ???
it's a must have for me !
thanks humble bundle !
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