LambeauSchwarzeSchafe 2012. okt. 10. @ du. 12:20
Amnesia: the dark decent
does anyone know where to get the Justine expansion form? i cant find it
also does anyone know how to access custom made games
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TMAC Blade 2012. okt. 10. @ du. 3:27 
the justine expansion came out through an update for the game. also in order to access the custom stories you have to go to a web site like mod db to get them. you will then have to put them into your custom story forlder for the game to find them
Thekindlyones 2012. okt. 12. @ de. 2:53 
Justine's already installed through an update, to play it look at the lower right corner of the launch window where it says Justine. Just click it and it will launch.
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