Hyrule Sword 2012年11月23日下午3:06
Amnesia Trouble starting
I have just downloaded Amnesia off steam as it was on sale and downloaded it onto my laptop. The game starts fine and can get onto the menu but when i actually play the game no picture comes up and i am left with a blank screen with subtitles. not really sure what to do now so i came here
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youkaimara 2012年11月23日下午4:33 
Oh yea... That happened to me on my old laptop. Ur graphics card probably is old for the game.
[TH] TheHolyPringles 2012年11月23日下午5:29 
you need a desktop computer for it to work
Mojo the Puffin 2012年11月24日上午12:45 
udate your graphics driver, you can search on youtube for how to do it :D
Calvoto 2012年11月24日上午10:24 
Update your graphics card after you toggle around with your gamma.
Calvoto 2012年11月24日上午10:26 
引用自 the scardy cat
you need a desktop computer for it to work
No, I play amnesia on a laptop myself.
PoisonEra 2012年12月3日下午4:27 
You just need a graphics card that supports open GL...which is pretty much any graphics card except integrated ones- I used to have the same problem too.
xxkillerkoolaid 2012年12月15日下午7:12 
i have the same problem idk how to update my card D:
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