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DeMO 2012年11月22日 19時10分
Amnesia: The Dark Descent (IDEA)
I believe......there should be a steam workshop......for Amnesia: The Dark Descent.....

If anyone agrees, reply "Yes" if anyone disagrees Reply "No" and please leave a explanation for you choice...
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Cheecken 2012年11月23日 5時13分 
DustyyWolf 2012年11月23日 7時32分 
I actually just went searching in hopes it would have one, so definitely yes. With the already given capability for level editing, a Steam Workshop would only improve this game.
AppleJC 2012年11月23日 14時34分 
Yes, i want one for custom stories.
{CK} Comrade 2012年11月24日 11時56分 
DeMO 2012年11月24日 12時22分 
I am going to email valve if I can and request them to make a steam workshop for amnesia
Corvus Mysticus 2012年12月2日 12時31分 
Sublime 2012年12月3日 9時31分 
For custom stories, sure, but for anything else (cosmetic, god forbid), no.
DeMO 2012年12月3日 16時06分 
Yes, just for custom stories.
BayconRocks 2012年12月3日 22時04分 
yes same

Satan の投稿を引用:
Yes, just for custom stories.
BayconRocks 2012年12月3日 22時05分 
plz ♥♥♥♥in yes
illgib 2012年12月7日 10時33分 
And maybe the editor in the list of the available application, so i don't need to search all over the net, finding maybe a bugged version or worse.
Flaffy 2012年12月11日 15時03分 
Yes it is download the files / tools at thier wiki site! :-) I'v made some CS kinda fun but the script is kinda hard sometimes :P
Hardarm - rip kitty0706 2012年12月14日 14時21分 
Oh god no. There is already the website, why would FG even implement that please don't say BS.
Jurmutti 2012年12月14日 18時08分 
Hardarm - rip kitty0706 2012年12月15日 4時40分 
You don't really seem to understand what's going on.
Ok, LET'S SAY the Custom Stories / Full Conversions are kiiiinda divided in two sides:

1) Bad quality custom stories, aka PEWDIEPIE custom stories.

They lack of quality and storytelling, and good custom stories are usually found on FG forum, and sometimes in ModDB.

2) Average-Very Good custom stories where it's shown focus on storytelling and scenery
OR, Troll custom stories but are always good and shown care for it.

They have different qualities and require some immersion for it. Amnesia is made mainly for immersion and there are not flying bodies all over the way to make it look 'scary'.

I am afraid including a whole public workshop would make Amnesia more of a mainstream game, and I don't think FG would have the time to implement it. Because it wouldn't just work. They have the main code files and I don't see how Steam could anyway implement it. I'll send the link of this thread to the forum let's see if people do agree or disagree with me or you. I want to see the opinion of amnesia fans ;)
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