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NightWing 2012年11月12日 12時52分
Can't put Custom Story into the game
I downloaded the custom story and now I have no idea how to upload it onto the game. First, I have Windows 8 and it doesn't open .rar files. I tried walkthroughs and none worked for me due to it not being the same format as my computer, if someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it
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Benzine 2012年11月12日 14時59分 
You can use a free third party program such as 7Zip to open those archives. As far as installing goes, assuming the steam folder setup is the same, just extract it to steamapps/common/amnesia the dark descent/custom_stories. Should appear in the custom stories list in the main menu afterwards. Some more complex mods like Through the Portal and White Night need to be dropped into the main folder and have the batch file that was included with it ran.
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