NatyChan95 2012年11月10日下午7:37
I don't know why, but my game still has lag. It's on all of the lowest settings. HELP! QAQ
最后由 NatyChan95 编辑于; 2012年11月10日下午8:03
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HoutchPotato1 2012年11月15日下午12:33 
What are the specs on your computer? you need a very powerful computer to play this game. I have a computer with 16GB of ram, i7 processor, 1.5GB GDDR5 graphics and 1TB HD, but i still cant play this game on full graphics. If your computer is lower end, this game will lag majorly
chilli_501 2012年11月20日上午1:43 
try updating your graphics card drivers. You don't need a super computer to play this game. Im playing this on an i3 processor, 4GB Ram, and an integrated graphics card on medium settings just fine. Haven't tried this on the high settings yet.
NatyChan95 2012年12月5日下午2:16 
I tried before this.... didn't work. :/ And I'm very annoyed.
Innanis 2012年12月19日下午5:46 
You just need to close SSAO it makes the framerate shut down
NatyChan95 2012年12月23日下午4:32 
Thank you! :D I'll try that tomorrow, as I can't do it tonight. But how do I do that?
最后由 NatyChan95 编辑于; 2012年12月23日下午4:33
Like Devin but gay 2012年12月24日下午2:52 
You do not need to have a good computer to play this game. I have an hp Pavilion sleekbook 14, 4 gigs of ram, and bout 200 gigabytes of space. It runs perfectly fine when I put the graphics a little lower, even when I install full conversion mods like white night. You do not need a high end computer for amnesia.
最后由 Like Devin but gay 编辑于; 2012年12月24日下午2:52
mashdar 2012年12月24日下午6:11 
I run the game on a bottom-of-the-line Llano notebook (A4-3300M, the slowest). The game runs fine on highest settings even on this machine.
It defintely does not require a particularly powerful machine. If I was experiencing a low framerate, I'd be looking for a solution. Drivers?

Additional info: I run the Linux client (yay Steam linux beta!) with the latest non-beta drivers.
最后由 mashdar 编辑于; 2012年12月24日下午6:12
NatyChan95 2012年12月25日下午12:01 
I have a Dell Intell laptop (forgot the brand) and it's an old computer, but Ib (which does not require anything but to download the game itself (it's freeware) ) runs fine :/
Jim Halpert 2012年12月26日下午6:41 
Yeah I have a medium to lower end computer but Amnesia runs fine on any setting.
iiPreddZzz 2012年12月27日上午4:44 
this game can be run on almost any computer, i had ana old dell studio with a radeon 3400 series HD graphics card and it runned fine.
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