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QMGSaint 2012年11月10日 16時15分
Free Dota 2 Keys @ Every 25 Followers! - I'm streaming live tonight at 6:00pm EST Amnesia first time playthrough (Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts) Pt 3 -
Posting this on behalf of my fiance to help her get some exposure.

Hey Gamers! My name is VRabbit and I'm streaming live tonight at 8:15 EST Amnesia first time playthrough (Hurricane Sandy Charity efforts).
I'm a chicken for horror games and my fiance thinks this is hilarious. I'm here to capture these experiences and share these moments with you in efforts to raise some money to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.
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QMGSaint 2012年11月11日 15時02分 
We will be continuing the stream again tonight. Starting now at 6pm EST running till 9:45 EST. We will be finishing Amnesia and heading into Penumbra!
xavidu1994 2012年11月12日 11時07分 
No me va el juego de amnesia (the dark descent) y lo he comprado para nada ... En realidad si que me va lo que pasa que al ponerlo le doy a inciar una nueva partida pero después solo se ve un pequeño punto, el sonido si que me va, los subtítulos también aparecen, pero no puedo jugar porque no se ve nada! AYUDA

Me the game of amnesia(the dark descen)t does not go and I have bought it for nothing... Actually if that me goes what happens that on having put it I give him to inciar a new item but later only a small point to be seen, the sound if that me goes, the subtitles also appear, but I cannot play because one does not see at all! IT HELPS


QMGSaint 2012年11月12日 13時08分 
Sorry it is hard to understand the translation. I do not speak spanish, sorry!
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