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Bodidly 2012年9月29日 12時54分
Hello guys and girls my little champions <3
if you guys like watching scary stuff preferably something involving video games :D than check out my YouTube channel at, i post all kinds of scary games ranging from everything you can think of! each one is jam packed with some hilarious commentary as-well as my epic to post Morton scares caught on tape! hope you check me out if you like my kind of content leave a comment! or even subscribe! love all you people

all the support puts a smile on my face everyday when i wake up, just makes me feel good inside ya know?
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fwb 2012年9月29日 14時49分 
don't know what to put, but I support you. I think you're hilarious.
Bodidly 2012年9月29日 15時10分 
Thanks Sacraficial Lamb, im Glad im making another persons life better buy giving them horrific entertainment :D
samahirg 2012年9月30日 4時04分 
there are also grls playing video games on steam?
Bodidly 2012年9月30日 10時27分 
off course samahirg!!!! theirs allot of girls who play video games! most dont use mics because the guys always try to talk nasty or say perverted things! which is why you dont hear them as often. but let me tell you this!!!! for every 5 out of 10 games you join their is a girl in atleast half of those games!!! they just dont talk on the mics for obviuos reasons! have a nice day :D
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